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Comment Share Posted on Saturday March 16th at 10:47 a.m.

After the good race in Sochi things quickly went down hill... Fast....

So after the success in Sochi we then packed up our bags once again and jumped on a plane to Slovenia for the first World Cup of the season.
Nothing is straight forward in Russia though!! We got to the airport only to find out that our flight had not been paid for. Well that is what they airline was telling us or what we could get out of their broken English!

After a couple of hours of phone calls and trying to not pay the $2000 they wanted us to pay we finally sorted it out. It appears all we needed was a booking number that was different than the one we had!
So on the plane we got. A different flight but made it to Slovenia in the end.

It was very tight time frame from 1 race to the next with only the day between for travel. By this stage a week of travel, training and hotel food my body was starting to feel it. I felt like I was coming down with something so the vitamin C was pounded and into bed I went as soon as we arrived in Maribor, Slovenia.

Waking up on the 8th March I felt ok but a bit sick and drained. It was official training day. The course was great. Very long and with the soft snow conditions it took the last of my energy to get through the day.
By the end of training it was clear that I was really not well at all. Running a high temperature, chills, serious lack of energy and a bad cough. Straight to bed I went once again.

Unfortunately, waking on the 9th March (Race day) things had gone from bad to worse. I was now the sickest I can ever remember being. Somehow I dragged myself out of bed and made my way to the race course. Once there all I could do is lie in the shade trying to gather some energy to race.

All three of my runs were somewhat slow. I made it down the course, just. But with my body and mind running at 30% it became very clear I was in no state to even come close to a podium finish. Just making it down the course was a battle.
Somehow I finished the race. Well off the pace for a podium I was still amazed that I could even race let alone place 5th.

The next 2 days were possibly the worst. Travelling back to the States was the longest trip ever. On my return I made an appointment at the medical clinic first thing.
Exam and then chest x-ray was ordered. I thought it was just the doctors being over the top as I thought I just had some flu bug.
Doctor comes back in and delivers the news. "Mr Murphy, it appears you have Bilateral Lower Lobe Pneumonia"
Oh sh#%t that doesn't sound good. So after a talk about what it is and treatment I am sent on my way with high dose antibiotics and instructions of lots of bed rest.

So now 4 days later (7 days after falling sick) I am now starting to feel a bit better.
I will be focusing on getting back to 100% in time for the two world cup races in Canada in 2 weeks time. Looking forward to getting back up on the podium again after a frustrating time over the past week.



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