Kiwi Olympic skier Jossi Wells breaks his neck


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Comment Share Posted on Thursday September 18th at 10:30 a.m.

Kiwi Olympic skier Jossi Wells breaks his neck according to social media.

Wanaka-based Jossi Wells posted on his Instagram account on September 12 that he was in Canberra Hospital.

"Broke my neck today ... I don't need surgery & docs say I'm going to be okay. Off skis for a while but thankful I'll be okay."

Wells represented New Zealand at the Winter Olympics in Russia this year. He finished fourth in the halfpipe event.

There has been an outpouring of support for Wells, with many people taking to social media to wish the Olympian well.

Wells said on Tuesday that he had to get rid of his beard because neck braces and beards "don't co-operate".

"This neck brace was irritating it [the beard] far to [sic] much for me to deal with for 2 months," he said on Twitter.

A user of Newschoolers, an online skiing community, posted that Wells was on the road to recovery.

"Reports from Jossi and family are quite positive - he broke some bones in his neck but luckily no damage to his spinal cord.

"He needs to rest up, keep the headbanging to a minimum and is expected to make a full recovery!"


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