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Boots - Nordica

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  • ACE 2 STAR

    RRP: $699 100 LAST 115 FLEX Park and Pipe Orientated with All mountain versatility, easy styling all day every day!

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  • BELLE H3-W

    RRP: $649  100 LAST 95 FLEX, Simply what woman want in a ski boot. Comfortable, lightweight, with a good dose of performance and style. The new Belle boots will take you anywhere on the mountain.

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  • NRGY PRO 3

    $899 100 Last, 110 Flex, CORK-Fit Liner for heel retention and. Proven performance with extraordinary comfort

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  • NXT N2

    RRP: $699  103 LAST 100 FLEX, The ultimate in comfort, performance and fit, the NXT N2 is the next level in all-mountain boots. Completely adjustable, with the kind of on-snow control skiers used to only dream of.

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  • NXT N2-W

    RRP: $699  103 LAST 95 FLEX, The ultimate in comfort, performance and fit specifically for ladies. The new Prima loft liner provides the next step in luxury with added warmth.

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