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A fractured leg is a setback, but I will come back stronger and faster

Merry Christmas to everyone and hope the New Year brings great things to everyone.
Well its been an eventful few weeks since my last blog. Some great stuff, then some not so great stuff.

I have been busy training in Colorado over the past 5 weeks in preparation for the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games. My coach and I have been based in Frisco and training mostly on Copper Mountain. The early snow combined with clear sunny days made it perfect conditions for training. I managed to clock up just under 30 days on snow in the pre Christmas camp.

I was working mostly on fundamental skills and we also managed to sneak in a couple of powder days along the way. Everything was going so well until the 19th of December when we decided to take a trip to Breckenridge to hit some of the park features.

After half a dozen runs through the medium jump line, and just before lunch, I came into the 3rd jump a little to fast!! As soon as I left the ground I pretty much knew that this wasn't going to end well.
I over shot the landing and landed on flat snow. Falling from about 4 meters up (pretty much the same as jumping out of a 2 storey building onto concrete)! I landed on my feet but from that height I wasn't going to ride out of it ok. I fully compressed into a squat so low that I hit my tail bone on the snow. I had instant pain in my left knee and sat out for a few minutes thinking maybe it was just some bruising.

It was obvious after about half an hour that it was maybe a bit more. From here it was straight on with the ice and off to physio. First impressions were that it was maybe just a meniscus tear.
It was right at the end of my trip so sort of good in that sense, I flew back to NZ on the 21st December.
I was lucky enough to get booked in for a MRI on the day I arrived back in NZ and also get an appointment with one of New Zealands leading orthopaedic surgeons Mark Clatworthy. Thanks to my medical crew for sorting this at such short notice.
I didn't think to much of it as just thought it was moderate soft tissue stuff. However, the scan results came back and the radiologist told me I couldn't put any weight on it until I had seen the surgeon.

<&rt;1/3 Photos

  • Line up the jump Line up the jump
  • Yep this isnt looking so good!! Yep this isnt looking so good!!
  • Oh no, bye bye landing!!! Oh no, bye bye landing!!!

So, the surgeon gave me the bad news. ‘Tibial Plateau Fracture'! Also bone bruising and a partial tear of the LCL (lateral collateral ligament). Non weight bearing for the next 4 weeks min and re scan around 15th January.
Bit of a bugger really, although the good news is that I will still be back in time for the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games, spending up to 4 weeks off snow will no doubt leave me a lot of work to do in February and March.

Being out for this period will see me miss the 2nd and 3rd World Cup races at Copper Mountain.
My main focus is now on getting back to 100% as soon as I can. I don't need to chase world cup points but getting starts in world cup races are a large part of my build up.
So that's what's been happening the last few weeks.

I hope you all have a happy and safe New years and I will keep you updated once I have the all clear from the doctors.



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