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Number 13 - Unlucky for some!!

Well I have just worked a few things out... Number 13 is unlucky after all. (Well, for me anyway)
To break it down a bit please keep reading.

Hindsight is a great thing and other times not so good!! this time I am reflecting on something I noticed recently, the number 13. While unlucky for some, I have come to the conclusion it is not so lucky for me!

It all started back on the 13th of December 2013. This happens to be a Friday by the way! So Friday the 13th 2013.
This is the last day I uploaded some photos to my athlete Facebook page before fracturing my Tibial plateau and damaging other stuff to my left knee. (My good leg).
This injury happened almost 13 weeks to the day from my race at the Winter Paralympics in Sochi, Russia. Injuries happen and that's sport I guess. But my luck gets worse.

Turning up at the games in Sochi Russia I find out my bib number is #13 for the official training days. I don't think to much about it and ride really well in training. Oh and just saying, one of the days training is the 13th March!!

Not thinking anything about it really, I also select bib number 25 for race day. This is a random draw and thought 25 is ok. Well, looking back now, 25 was actually the 13th male to start after the 12 women started. So I was back to number 13 again!!!
Just random I guess. But then I smash myself up in the official training practice!! ‘Not so lucky maybe'
I still get to the start of the race and lay down a semi-solid first run putting me in 4th place after the first round. 4th is ok and was in the hunt for a podium spot.

Now this is when the unlucky number 13 really gets a bit scary!!! So after placing 4th in the first run that means the top 16 men go in reverse order for the second run... 4th place sees me drop in 13th!!!
Again I stay in 4th place after the 2nd run after a slightly better race from the first run. Being in 4th again meant I was dropping in 13th again in the 3rd and final run! Crashing out and finishing 4th overall.

I never have been superstitious and never thought anything of it at the time. But looking back now I realise that maybe number 13 is actually a very unlucky number... Maybe I am just reading to much into it and things just didn't go my way.
Also, I cant deny that fact that I wasn't the fastest on the day. That's racing I guess.
But it is a lot of 13's!!!


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