Sunday, 19th July 2015


One mans garbage is another mans gold. And there is gold in them thar hills after this storm cycle. The snow pack is building rather nicely.

If you are itching to hit the slopes this coming weekend then maybe include Friday in your plans if you are going to Mt Ruapehu as the NZSIF Demo Day will be at Turoa from 9am - 4pm with ski and snowboard equipment from all the major brands.

Every snowfield is up and running so check out the snow reports and stay up to date. 

If you are out and about check out Roadwatch to find out if the way is clear and dust off those chains. If you're new to chains put them on in your driveway (and then take them off again) before you hit the road so that you know how they go on and that they fit your tyres.

  Use CONTACT US (at the bottom right of this page) to let us know. If you would like to publish your snow photo on the Instagram slider below simply hashtag us #snowconz.  Do you want our news into your in-box?. Don't know what the THASU is? Check it out here.




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