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Skiing - Blizzard

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  • 2016 BLACK PEARL

    RRP: $1199.00 Catagory: All Mountain - Ladies Lengths: 123-88-108 / 152, 159, 166, 173 A ladies specific dream ski! Light, agile, responsive and stable. A go to ski for those looking to expand their boundary’s and explore the mountain, on or off trail, with ease. More info:

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  • 2016 BONAFIDE

    RRP: $1399.00 Catagory: All Mountain Lengths: 133-98-118 / 166, 173, 180, 187 This ski really is the ultimate "every-day" ski regardless of the snow conditions. It’s a true one ski quiver. Experience the success of the stable and playful, Flipcore Technology. More info:

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  • 2016 BRAHMA

    RRP: $1299.00 Catagory: All Mountain Lengths: 125-88-110 / 166, 173, 180, 187 The hands down stand out favorite at the Blizzard International ski test. The power of a race ski with the playfulness of a powder ski. A++. More info:

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  • 2016 VIVA X7Ti

    RRP: $1299.00 (includes bindings) Catagory: All Mountain on trail - Ladies Lengths: 121-77-103 / 146, 153, 160, 167 For the female skier looking to improve their skiing skills. A ski that builds confidence but continues to perform as their technique improves. More info:

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