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NZ Snowboard Union

The New Zealand Snowboarding Union (NZSBU) was founded to promote, develop and assist in the growth of snowboarding in New Zealand.

The NZSBU recognises that snowboarding is the fastest growing, progressive snow sport in New Zealand and therefore, aims to provide continuous quality development for snowboarding and its' riders in the key areas of opportunity, competition, and total quality management. Supporting the overall environment, encouraging participation at recreational level, through the establishment of pathways, and educational programmes in all aspects, at all levels, for all Riders, Officials, Volunteers and Supporters of the sport. Through the sanctioning of events the NZSBU will provide structure, organisational and management support for events and event organisers, and ensuring safe practices and safety protocols are adhered to.

By supporting every aspect of snowboarding in NZ, we're supporting our riders' on all levels, from the grassroots, up.

In doing so the NZSBU hopes to encourage, promote and advance the sport of snowboarding in New Zealand as both a viable, safety conscious sport and recreational activity for all New Zealanders.

The NZSBU is a non-profit organisation representing the sport of snowboarding in NZ, managed and administrated in most part, by a team of dedicated snowboarders and their volunteered time.

Anyone can become a member of the NZSBU and it's FREE!

Snow Sports New Zealand (SSNZ) is the National Sports Organisation (NSO) representing snow sports in New Zealand of which the NZSBU is a member. SSNZ reports directly to SPARC.