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Snow Sport New Zealand

SSNZ is the only national body recognised by the International Ski Federation (FIS), the New Zealand Olympic Committee and SPARC and, as such, provides its members with affiliation to these organisations in order that its members can compete in FIS sanctioned events and also be involved in the Olympic movement.

Snow Sports New Zealand (SSNZ) was originally formed on 26 January 1955 when it was known as the New Zealand Ski Association, but changed to a vounteer committee under its present name in 1996.  From 1996 until 2007 it remained as a board to co-ordinate efforts of the various snow sports codes primarily concerned with FIS related activities.

In 2007 Snow Sports New Zealand applied for a grant from SPARC and was restructured, and relocated to Wanaka and, with it's new funding base because a more effective centre for the snow sports codes. Snow Sports New Zealand remains the FIS (International Ski Federation) and New Zealand Olympic Committee-recognised National Sports Organisations (NSO) representing snow sports in New Zealand.

As the umbrella organisation for snow sports, they provide a wide range of support services, resources and leadership skills to promote the activities of our member organisations.

Snow Sports New Zealand's objectives are to:

  • Promote skiing and snowboarding as fun, exhilarating outdoor activities for people of all ages and abilities;
  • Promote the awareness of snow sports as an activity capable of improving physical health, fitness and well-being;
  • Provide opportunities for competitive and developing athletes and coaches to improve their skills;
  • Establish athlete and coaching pathways that will see New Zealand athletes compete and win on the world stage;
  • Provide ongoing opportunities in snow sports for people with disabilities;
  • Promote sustainability, good governance and management in the operation of Snow Sports New Zealand and its member organisations.
  • Promote snow sports as a significant contributor to the New Zealand economy.

They're passionate about their sports, and they truly believe that a positive first experience on snow leads to a lifetime of unforgettable moments and pure enjoyment.

Their Guiding Principals

Their goal is to help their member sports promote the kiwi ideal of outdoor adventure, and to provide the resources to their members to help them grow their sports by attracting and retaining new skiers and snowboarders.

Snow Sports New Zealand exists for the benefit of its member organisations, all of whom seek to open the door to new and existing skiers and riders to enjoy the thrill of sliding on snow.

SSNZ have a "whole of sport" approach - from recreational participants right up to elite athletes who represent New Zealand on the world stage.

Their overall goal is to maintain and grow a stable of self-sustaining organisations that effectively promote, develop, manage and grow their sports.

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