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  • AMPED The Ski Adventure Travel Specialists

    The team here at AMPED are experienced, qualified and knowledgeable Travel Professionals who share the same passion about Skiing and Snowboarding holidays as our customers.

    Whether you are in need of a learners ski program, a family snowboarding holiday, kilometres of leg burning cruisers, extreme off piste, or in search of high quality powder, AMPED The Ski Adventure Travel Specialists are the professionals you should talk to about your next Skiing or Snowboarding holiday.

    At AMPED we have made it our business to of travelled to the destinations that you yourself have both talked and dreamed about, and have experienced it all first-hand. Therefore offering you, our client, all the tips, tricks, and insider information required to ensure that you only sample: the very best Ski Resort suited to your individual wants and needs, get the very best deal on that resort selection, and have the most amazing skiing and snowboarding holiday experience one could ever wish for. Only to arrive back home fizzing from the whole experience, and dreaming of where your next AMPED holiday adventure will take you!

    Whilst you can search on the Internet and make holiday purchases that way, we wouldn’t recommend this approach on such a high risk, high value item such as a Ski Holiday. Reason being is that every resort and ski destination has their own unique qualities, some of which may not be entirely suited to your own individual or family needs.

    At AMPED we hereby offer our services, which all derive from personal experiences, with you ‘our valued customer’ to ensure you are selecting the perfect ski resort/s, the very best accommodation and location, acquiring the most competitive prices, and will of course be skiing the best powder and trail options available to you, every time!

    Ski holiday destinations include:

    Ø Japan
    Ø Canada
    Ø USA
    Ø New Zealand
    Ø Europe

    AMPED The Ski Adventure Travel Specialists, Trusted Travel Professionals.
    We will save you Time, Money, and Frustration!

    AMPED The Ski Adventure Travel Specialists
    Ph: 09 4798929
    Freephone: 0508 4 26733
    Email: [email protected]

    Ph: 09 4798929
    Toll free: 0508 4 26733
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Website: Click here