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Mon, 17th March Will you be purchasing a early season pass this year?

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Mon, 24th February Overall, how do you think our athletes did in Sochi?

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Thu, 26th September Turoa is saying they have an ave of 2.75m of snow (149-402cms 26/09/13). The Porters webcam went off. TC's piste looks great to the bottom but 90cms of snow!! Do you believe the ski area snow depths?

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Thu, 29th August Are you going to do some spring skiing or boarding? If not why not?

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Thu, 15th August If a large event is on do you;

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Mon, 22nd July We think that NZ should celebrate a mid-winter 'Christmas' party. When do you think it should be?

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Mon, 24th June The Mt Hutt triple chair was damaged by an avalanche. Repair it or upgrade it?

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Thu, 13th June nzski.com (Hutt, Coronet & The Remarks) staff now have a no smoking on the mountain clause in their contracts. Is this fair?

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Thu, 6th June NIWA says mild winter. Predict Weather says heavy snow all winter. Who's right?

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Wed, 29th May Snow in May melts away! Do you think that this will happen this season?

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Wed, 9th January It's a huge Ozzie fire season with temps hitting 40+ record highs; do you think that this will mean a good snow season for NZ next winter?

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Thu, 13th December Have you already, or will you buy and early season pass?

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Wed, 19th September After the southern hemisphere snow season has finished when will you be next on the slopes?

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Tue, 4th September How many trips up the mountain are you planning this Spring?

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Mon, 20th August How do you rate your 2012 snow season so far?

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Mon, 16th July Would you like to see more information about the snow conditions from the ski and board areas?

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Mon, 9th July Where do you buy your snow gear from

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Mon, 25th June What's your favorite post snow drink?

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Fri, 8th June Who's made plans for this season?

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Wed, 16th May Have you entered our competitions for K2 Ski's, Warren Miller Tickets, or a Lumix Camera?

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Fri, 13th April What is it that keeps you coming back to Snow.co.nz?

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Wed, 22nd February What is your first destination going to be in 2012?

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Wed, 4th January Which one are you

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Thu, 1st December What is your main reason to visit Snow.co.nz?

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Fri, 30th September What do you want to see more of on Snowco?

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Thu, 1st September Will you be skiing or boarding during the Rugby World Cup?

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Sun, 28th August Did you upgrade your snow gear this season?

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Thu, 4th August They are many large international events being held in NZ ski & board areas this month. Do you factor this in your plans when planning your ski or board trip?

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Thu, 28th July How many days of riding have you got in so far?

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Thu, 21st July What do you want to see more of on Snowco?

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Thu, 14th July How are you planning on getting up the Mountain?

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Thu, 7th July Now that Slopestyle is an Olympic Sport, will NZ win medals in Sochi?

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Thu, 30th June When are you planning your first snow trip of the season?

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Thu, 23rd June Which ski & board area do you think will open their full mountain first?

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Thu, 19th May When do you think the good snow cover snow will arrive?

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Sun, 1st May Which commercial ski area offers the best value for money?

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Fri, 1st April Will the devastation in Chch put you off skiing or boarding in Canterbury this winter?

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Fri, 3rd December If price wasn't a problem where would you ski this summer?

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Fri, 8th October Do you watch, and find useful the Weekly Video Updates produced by the mountains?

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Mon, 27th September Has the Canterbury Earthquake Affected Your Spring Skiing or Boarding Plans?

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Wed, 15th September How would you rate the season so far?

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Thu, 2nd September What has been the biggest obstacle preventing you from skiing/boarding this season?

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Thu, 19th August If a ski or board area has a big event on, would you ride there on that day?

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Thu, 12th August Do you wear protective equipment when riding?

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Thu, 29th July Have you been in a collision with anyone while skiing or boarding this season?

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Thu, 22nd July What gear are you using this season?

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Thu, 15th July After two serious incidents on our mountains in the last two weeks, should helmets be made compulsary?

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Thu, 8th July How many sickies do you take off work per season on powder days?

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Thu, 24th June Do you think that a chairlift should have automatically closing safety bars?

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Wed, 16th June How many times do you intend to get up the mountain this year?

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Sun, 6th June Will more GST and the Emmisions Trading Scheme price increases make it too expensive for you to ski or board?

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Sun, 23rd May Many Ski Clubs have on-hill, ski-in, ski-out accommodation, for cheaper than most commercial accommodation. You get to meet like minded people. Have you considered joining a club?

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Sun, 9th May Would you pay to watch a live, off-mountain Rail Jam or Big Air event?

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Sun, 25th April Do you own snow chains for your car?

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Sun, 18th April Will you be upgrading your ski or board hardware this season?

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Sun, 4th April What sort of pass will you be purchasing this winter?

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Sun, 28th March Snowboard halfpipe is one of the most popular Olympic events to watch. Should ski halfpipe be an Olympic Sport?

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Sun, 21st March Do you think that ski & snowboard slopestyle events should be Olympic sports?

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Wed, 17th March How do you think our Olympic athletes went?

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