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Tully Farrell
Advertising & Marketing
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For over a decade now - has delivered to the web a unique digital insight into the world of surfing, skiing and snowboarding.

Our 16 beach cams and multiple ski area webcams mean we are the leaders in the NZ digital sports world. Combine our camera resources with state of the art surf and snow forecasting and swell prediction and we far outreach any other community of its kind. Event reporting, latest national and international news, public stories, road trips, live video and photography are constantly updated 24/7 throughout the year.

Digital advertising in NZ has grown in leaps and bounds in the past 10 years, yet we are still well behind the rest of the world in potential. We are proud to be members of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and are registered with Nielsen Net Ratings for all independent statistical reporting. Our Ad Server allows us to monitor and report accurate results for all advertisers with us and we have multiple on-the-page display advertising options as well as e-newsletter options to over 60,000 subscribers.

Annually we reach over 840,000 unique browsers with a combined reach of 11 million page impressions. Towering over the likes of the rugby and cricket websites, we are seasonally placed to reach our audience 365 days a year across both summer and winter.

Why waste your dollars elsewhere, when you can reach a receptive, interactive and responsive audience online. Talk to us about banner ads, rich media, txt message advertising, long term investment with low CPM and anything else that you need to ensure your brand is well driven within our network.

Nielsen Records the following monthly page impression and unique browser trends to SNOW.CO.NZ from period 1st April 2009 - 31st Oct 2009


Comments and recommendations from some key industry personnel below:


Deborah Davenport - Managing Director of The Internet Bureau

"I have been in this business a while now and NZX Sports is one of the few Niche sites to have had a professional service and stability in people we deal with over that time. I would recommend this team to run campaigns in a professional manner and deliver creative campaigns to the best of their ability to meet client needs. Both Snow and Surf reach a quality audience in the sporting community, one that is often difficult to reach in other media due to both their demographic and the behavior of an audience that doesn't spend much time sitting on a couch watching the box. "


Greig Buckley - Vice President of Media One Network

"I have worked with Dave and the team at NZ X Sports for four years. Their sites have been on our network over that time, and continue to deliver valuable audiences in significant numbers. They are proof that high quality site content really does generate strong online communities.
I have always admired and enjoyed Dave's passion for their business, and the professional approach he takes to managing them and working with partners like us at MediaOne."

Michelle Macdiarmid - Operations and Marketing Manager of RR Sport

"We regularly advertise with and and always have our shop listings on these sites. It's a very cost effective form of advertising for us as it gets to the core market for snow and surf and is measureable.

The team there are fantastic to deal with - quick, efficient and very helpful."


Michael Te Young - Business Manager - OMD Digital

"NZX Sports provides unique and integrated ways to advertise and interact with the sports community. Their offering goes beyond just normal ‘banner' advertising, into interactive opportunities such as video and events and what's more, they have a great team of people on the ground."




Snowco continues to grow after a recent setback (the website was hacked in Nov 2012). It is a going concern with a short and long term business plan and strategy.

Snowco, first launched in June 1995 remains the premium snow website for New Zealand. The websites income streams include advertising sales, the sale of tourism listings and the distribution of collated snowreport and webcam data. It is currently run with a staff of two plus three technical and content contractors.

The assets for a sale are:

  • the website software on a Bjango platform and hosted on servers in California.
  • domain names,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, &
  • Community: Snowco has a huge following of committed and engaged followers. Annually we reach over 840,000 unique browsers with a combined reach of 11 million page impressions. Over 21,000 Facebook followers, 36,000 subscribers to our email newsletter, with lesser amounts of Twitter and email participants.
  • David Scott will continue to act as content manager and advisor AT NO CHARGE for the remainder of the existing season (as at 1 Jan on the year of the sale).

Reason for selling: Ltd (the company which operates is 100% owned by David Scott. After 20 years at the helm David is looking to move on to pursue other opportunities. Failing any interested parties coming forward David will be switching Snowco off on October 1st 2015 after completing 20 years and 21 seasons in operation.

Interested parties should contact David directly. With the signing of a non-disclosure agreement David will forward an Information Memorandum about the company.